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Board of Directors / Management

Mohammad Ashraf Hussain Adhi

Muhammad Ashraf is the major shareholder of MAHA Securities (Pvt.) Limited.   He is a well-known name in the business of stock exchange.  He is serving as chief Executive of MAHA Securities (Pvt.) Limited.  He is also serving as a director of Pearl Brokerage (Pvt.) Limited.  He is also Chief Executive of “Muhammad Ashraf Hussain Adhi” and individual member Broker of PMEX.

Sr.    Name of Organization                            Position Held                          From              Till

1    M/s Javed Omer Vohra                             Incharge Settlement              1982              1991
2    M/s Aqeel Karim Dhedhi                         Working Partner                     1992              1996
3    Muhammad Ashraf Hussain Adhi          Individual Member                1997              2006
4    Lahore stock Exchange (G) Ltd.             Director                                     1999             1999
5    Muhammad Ashraf Hussain Adhi        Member  National Commodity

Exchange Ltd                              2003           To date
6    MAHA Securities (Pvt.) Limited           Chief Executive                          2006           To date

Muhammad Asghar CEO/ Director