Company Inroduction

Pearl Brokerage (Pvt) limited is working as a TREC Holder with Lahore Stock Exchange Ltd. Head office is situated in Lahore (1st floor, Room # 110-111, Stock Exchange  building, Lahore) The Company was incorporated on the 9th  of October 2007 and is registered with Securities & Exchange Commission  of Pakistan. The company has been provided excellent services to a massive amount of clients from all over the country.
At earlier, Pearl Brokerage (Pvt) Ltd is an emerging and consistently growing brokerage firm in Lahore providing safe custody services for stock, shares, securities, Commercial papers, Moradabad certificate, bonds, debenture, treasury bills and /or any financial instruments in Pakistan abroad.
The employs of the firm highly professional and skilled team and has strong networking with key members in other bourses all over Pakistan.
The board of Directors and the professional employed team by the company enjoys a good business reputation and demonstrate high standards of professionalism and ethics.