Lodge Complaint for SECP

Complaint Logging Process

Website: www.secp.gov.pk
e-mail: enquiries@secp.gov.pk


The SECP plays a facilitating role by taking up complaints with the respective insurers, policy holders, investors and brokers. If you feel a need to make a complaint this page explains how we process and deal with your grievance.

If the investors have any complaints regarding their investment, following information shall be useful in lodging the complaint. Please note that the information has been categorized in accordance with the type of investment.

  • Brokerage House
  • Insurance
  • Mutual Fund/Pension Fund
  • Leasing Company/Investment Bank
  • SECP Service Desk for Online Complaint Registration


Brokerage House

In case of any issue with the brokerage house/broker and/or agent, investors are advised to immediately lodge a complaint with their respective brokerage house and in case of non resolution report the same to the Exchange within 15 days of lodging the claim with the brokerage house/broker. Complaint Registration Forms are available on the respective websites of the Exchanges.

Please ensure that all claims are lodged in writing and receipt of the same has been attained from the brokerage house/broker.

In case of complaint against the Exchange and/or the broker/brokerage house the Investor Complaints Wing at the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan can be approached at the following details:

NIC Building, 63 Jinnah Avenue, Islamabad, Pakistan
Tel: 051-9207091-4, UAN: 111 117 327
Fax: 051-9204915

Complaint Registration Form is available on the website of the Commission (,i.e.,www.secp.gov.pk). Investors having complaint are required to fill  the form with  complete information and forward duly signed complaint registration form along with all necessary documents to the Commission’s address listed at the end of document.

The Complaint upon receipt shall be immediately acknowledged. If you do not receive acknowledgement even after 5 working days of your sending the complaint, ask for the status of complaint from Investor Complaints Wing at the Commission. You shall be informed about the status of complaint in a timely manner.